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Design Guidelines  (Effective July 29, 2013)Adobe Acrobat pdf file


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NFPA 101 Code Requirements:  The State of New Hampshire has adopted the 2009 NFPA 1 and 2009 NFPA 101 Code.  All new projects starting design after December 23, 2011 shall comply with the 2009 NFPA codes.

The Bureau of Public Works (BPW) is responsible for oversight in all phases of building project management from project initiation and program development to final design and construction of all state owned and supported land and buildings unless specifically assigned to other agencies by law.  The Bureau’s project managers work closely with state agencies throughout the planning, design, and construction process. The BPW oversees the work of selected consulting architectural, engineering and other building science organizations.  The BPW professional staff may also prepare building studies, develop final design and construction documents, as well as provide construction administration for the general contractors on both new construction and building repair projects.

At regular intervals we will share pictures of the projects we have managed through design and construction.  All of these are state-owned and supported projects.  If you would like additional information about these projects, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Project Pictures


BPW provides the following services to state agencies:

PlanningDesign & Project RequestAdvertisement & Bidding

  Construction Administration & Supervision


Planning Services

Planning services include all pre-design activities required for state building projects and public development initiatives including the capital budget. The BPW oversees the development of a wide range of project studies including architectural programs, master plans, agency capital budget projects, and feasibility studies. Project studies seek to:

  • Define the scope of the project in terms of required program space, and developing construction costs.
  • Identify issues, needs and technical requirements for the particular activities for which space is required. This involves close coordination with using agencies.
  • Address problems of feasibility: site constraints and opportunities; permit requirements, technical concerns such as site utilities, and cost analysis.
  • Establish a basic framework for design decisions that must be made in subsequent phases of the project.


Design Services & Project Requests

Design Services include final design for all state building projects.  The Bureau of Public Works Design & Construction (BPW) will not begin work on a project, including those that are part of the Capital Budget until a Adobe Acrobat pdf file BPW Project/Work Request Form or Microsoft Word symbol BPW Project/Work Request Form has been completely filled-out & submitted by a State Agency and approved by the BPW Administrator.  After approval by the Administrator the project is assigned to a Project Manager who then contacts the individual identified on the Request Form to discuss project scope and schedule.   Projects are either designed using in-house staff or through the use of consultants.  Design services provided by the BPW include:

  • Overseeing the development of final design documents for new construction, renovation projects, and maintenance projects. BPW project managers work with using agencies and with the project consultants, when used, to design projects that address the program needs within the project budget.
  • Overseeing the development of detailed construction documents to guide new construction, renovation and repair projects.


Advertisement & Bidding Services

Bidding Services include the process of bidding and awarding of projects. Projects are bid through the Finance & Contracts office of the NH DOT unless bidding by a using agency is allowed and preferred.  Bidding services provided by the BPW include:

  • Public advertising of project.
  • Addressing bidder’s questions and overseeing the development of and issuance of addenda.
  • Execution of contracts for Governor and Council approval.
  • Issuance of a Notice to Proceed.


Construction Administration & Supervision Services

Construction Administration & Supervision Services include construction activities for all state building projects. The BPW oversees new construction and major renovation projects including courthouses, correctional facilities, health and human service facilities, recreational facilities, state office buildings, and state community college buildings. Other projects include preventive maintenance and emergency repairs, energy conservation and other efficiency improvements, environmental assessment and site remediation, and building improvements needed to meet accessibility requirements and fire, health and safety code compliance. Construction Administration & Supervision services provided by the BPW include:

  • The BPW project manager acts as the contract administrator and includes tasks such as compliance with specified project requirements, reviewing requisitions for payment, addressing requests for information, processing of change orders, and other contract items.
  • Managing all aspects of construction for new buildings, renovation and repair projects. This includes overseeing the work of general contractors on each project.

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Employment Opportunities with Bureau of Public Works

BPW currently has several employment opportunities: Possible part-time temporary positions may become open in the future. To review job specifications, please visit.

Bureau of Public Works Design & Construction
Theodore Kupper, P.E., Administrator
(603) 271-1638

John O. Morton Building
7 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03302

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